October 2021

With the support of the Arts Council NI

Two children play with dark magic while their nanny is nearby. WINNER – BEST MICRO SHORT – JERSEY DEVIL FILM FESTIVAL.


June 2021


With the support of Northern Ireland Screen

Produced by Wee Buns ltd and Martin Mahon

Lea and Oliver relive their pasts and connect over the sale of a VHS player.

The Virus and Me

Oct 2020

Animated Short Film


With the support of Future Screens NI and the Chinese Welfare Association

Produced by Jordan Whitefield

How was the Chinese community’s mental health impacted by Covid-19 in Northern Ireland? This animation is inspired by the survey responses of 34 members of the Chinese community in Northern Ireland. The research was conducted in June 2020 during the 2020 pandemic.


January 2019

Short drama


With the support of Northern Ireland Screen (New Short Focus 18-19 scheme)

Produced by Wee Buns ltd

Kelly comes back to her childhood house to help her sister tidy for the estate agent. Amongst pictures and objects that trigger moments long lost, the tension is tangible. Kelly and Andrea need to clear things up to renew their family tie. 

Watch ‘Kelly’ on the QFT iplayer!

Surrealistic Self

March 17

Short animated/live action


With the support of BBC Two NI

Produced by Supernova Productions

A young woman has a dream: it’s a quick and uncomfortable sequence with a hunter, a bird, a dinosaur, and more. Then, she wakes up to go to work. As she walks in the streets, she notices a mural. All the pieces of her dream will gradually make sense by being shown mural after mural. The main character understands that her dream is the result of what she subconsciously sees every day on her way to work.

There’s more on my Vimeo, feel free to take a look!
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